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Meet Our Wonderful Instructors

Alan Purcell (Chief Instructor - Obedience/Tracking)



Dave Hynd (Show/Obedience)



Paul Wiseman (Obedience)



Trish Taylor (Obedience)



Lyn McAlpine (Obedience)



Julie Jordan (Show)



Anne Lee (Obedience)



Carol Batchelor (Obedience)


Ray Batchelor (Obedience/Rally-O)


Alicia Hart (Obedience)


Anna Tyben (Obedience/Tracking)


Tania Waixel (Obedience)


Our Instructors have a great wealth of knowledge with differing experiences and backgrounds. If you have questions about a particular field (such as obedience, tracking or showing), or general questions about dog behaviour or training, feel free to approach one of the instructors (if your questions are not in the field of the instructor's expertise they will direct you another instructor who will be able to answer your questions). You may have questions about training your dog in particular, there are many opportunities to do this whether it be after a class or when socializing your dog with others.