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Have you considered....



Some things you may not have thought to ask....




How can I tell if my dog is overweight or underweight?

Is there things I should not feed my dog?


What are some common health issues I should know about? (eg. bloat)

What preventative measurers should I take with my dog? (eg. vaccinations, heart worm, bloat)

What general care should I be giving my dog? (how do I clip nails or clean ears?)

What about dog anatomy? (Believe it or not knowing about your dog's body can be helpful.... body parts and how they are meant to look- movement may be effected, checking teeth etc.)

Dog body language:

My dog just "goes off" with no warning.... Or does it? (ask instructors about body language- stress, fear, aggression etc.)

Discuss what signals you are giving to your dog... (Is there tension on your lead?)

When and how should I correct my dog? The importance of timing....



What are the stages of a developing puppy or dog? Is there thing I need to know about? (eg. socialization)

What is bite inhibition and when should I be teaching this to my dog?

What can I expect through the adolescent stage?



How much exercise should my pup be doing?

Is there things I shouldn't get my pup to do? (eg. jump out of the car)


What are they saying to each other?