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November 2013


Hello Gippslanders,

It's been "all go" at the branch of late. Everbody has been busy with showing and trialling, new member enquiries and lots of puppies at the branch!


The Gippsland branch members and committee would like to welcome our newest financial members....

Lisa and Stewert Hocking with their dog Storm and children Nadine, Lachlan, Thomas and William.


The following partnerships have been passed up this month....

From Class 2 to Class 3

Anna Tyben and Luka

Darren Walsh and Kirri

Carol Batchelor and Jasper

Congratulations to everyone on all the work you've put in!


Dave and Christine Hynd attended the GSDCV  Champ Show held at Sunbury on Saturday the 2nd of November with Kurt coming 2nd with a Very Good grading in Junior Dog whilst out of coat under the German judge. Jen Eaton and Barry Donelly also attended with Sheba entered in her first specialty show with a Very Promising grading in Minor Puppy Bitch under the NSW judge. Jen and Barry also went to the WDC Champ show on the 3rd of November also held at Sunbury with Sheba coming 4th with a Very Promising grading under the German judge. Well done guys!

Several members attended the Fun Day held at Eastern branch on Sunday the 10th of Npovember with the following results.....

Liv Frescura and Bella 2nd in Class 3 on 182 points

Alicia Hart and Sasha 4th in Class 2 on 138 points

Sharyn Thompson and Shadow 3rd in LSC Baby Puppy Dog Show

Barry Donelly and Sheba 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch Show

Barry Donelly and Tess 3rd in Open Bitch Show

Sharyn Thompson and Kali 3rd in Class 3 Agility Games

Barry Donelly and Tess 3rd in tunnel 1 Class 3 Games

These members went to the fun day as a team to represent the Gippsland branch. From all reports our dogs were all so well behaved and as reported back to Ray, other branches were very impressed with the standard of training of our dogs in general! A great testiment to both our members and instructors! Marilyn Wrigley was alsoimpressed with our two fantastic aspirers, Anne Lee and Phil Cooper, who assisted with stewarding and judging duties! Well done to all! What fantastic results and feedback we are receiving!

Several members went trialling at Bairnsdale and Morwell on November 9th and 10th of November. At the Bairnsdale and District Dog Obedience Club's rally and obedience trial, Lyn McAlpine and Wolfie came 3rd in Open whilst Tania Waixel and Romy, Carol Batchelor and Jasper acheived a pass in Rally Novice. At Gippsland Obedience Dog Club's rally and obedience tiral, Jasper also received his final pass to acheive his Rally Novice title.

Wilma Bates' Lucy had puppies on the 22nd of October to Orrinshir Elton John. Lucy had 8 puppies in total, 5 girls and 3 boys. Well done Lucy and Wilma! We hope to see some puppies at branch soon...

Julie Jordan's puppies have now all gone to their new homes. Julie has kept her pick of the litter short coat female, Bozeeb Vanilla Brandy, aka Xena, and Sharyn Thompson has her long coat male, Shadow. Two other female litter mates have also been attending branch on their puppy training certificates so hopefully we will be able to see the majority of this litter blossum in front of our eyes.

Gippsland branch's Christmas Celebrations will be on Saturday December the 7th at 10am. There will be lots of games with your dogs and branch awards will be given out on this day. This will be the final training of the year as we need to allow our instructors a break to keep the branch atmosphere fired up and motivated. Keep training at home over the holidays and stay in contact particularly if you are having issues.

the Gippsland branch AGM will be held on the 8th of February. We hope to see you all there and increase the number of members on the committee.

I will be publishing any news and results on the website over the holidays, so keep an eye out. Don't forget to get in contact with me via email at if you have any news ypu would like to share.

Until next time.....

Carol Batchelor



October 2013


Hello Gippslanders,


It's been a quiet month at the branch. We do have some results to report though.....

Julie Lovell and Cash went to a trial at Knox Obedience Dog Club on the 21st of September. They received theirtwo final Rally-O passes on the day to acheive their title of Rally Novice. Congratulations!

Kim Cooper and Tia went to the Canberra Championship Show on October 5th and 6th. They came 2nd both days and received and Excellent grading on the Saturday under Senor Jens becker Olsen (Spain) and a Very Good grading on the Sunday under Hr Karl Heinz Gladbach SV (Germany).

In other news....two instructors and two aspirers attended the Steve Austin seminar on the 12th of October. Annita Reynolds, Trish Taylor, Anne Lee and Phil Cooper reported they had a great day increasing their knowledge in training methods.

Happy 39th Anniversary to Dave and Christine Hynd.

A reminder that the 20 year branch anniversary will be held on the 30th of November at 6.30pm at the Princeton (Macalister Room). Please get your RSVP into Trish Taylor ASAP.

Christmas breakup is scheduled for December the 14th. Details are currently being finalized.

Until next edition......

Carol Batchelor



September 2013



Hello Gippslanders,

It's been 2 months since the last branch snippet and we've all been busy.



Welcome to the newest members of the Gippsland Branch:

Tony Murray with Max

Dennis and Sharyne Arnold with Tor

Steph Rendell with Daisy

Kerry and Brian Hamer with Jazzy

Sam and Steve Campbell with Nanook

Congratulations to the following members on pass-ups:

Puppy to Class 1

Kerry Hamer and Jazzy

Class 1 to Class 2

Alicia Hart and Sasha

Anna Tyben and Luka

Esther dekkers and Heidi

Brad Hayman and Georgia


Kim and Phil Cooper had Tia breed surveyed on the 4th of August where she received BSCLII. Well done guys!

Jasper received his first qualifying score in his first attempt at Rally-O in the Moorabbin Obedience Dog Club's open obedience and open rally obedience trial on Sunday the 25th of August. Sharyn Thompson competed with Kali in Rally-O at Ballarat Dog Obedience Club's obedience and rally obedience trial on the 15th of September, receiving her final qualifying score needed for their Rally Novice Title. Congratulations!

Kim Cooper, Jen Eaton a

nd Barry Donelly attended the McAlister All Breeds Kennel Club shows on Friday and Saturday the 23rd and 24th of August, as well as the Sale-Maffra and District Kennel Club all breeds show on Sunday the 25th of August. Tia came 1st in open LSC bitch accross the three days and also Best of Breed on the Saturday, Sheba received three 1sts in baby puppy bitch and Tess received three 2nds in intermediate bitch. Barry and Jen also went to the East Gippsland Kennel Club and Bairnsdale and District Kennel Club all breeds shows from the 30th of August to the 1st of September where Sheba received two 1sts and one 2nd in baby puppy bitch as well as two 1sts in local baby puppy. Tess recived two 1sts and one 2nd in open bitch as well as 2n

d in local bitch.

Julie Jordan's Ginja has had her first litter of puppies to Yester on the 26th of August. She whelped 6 healthy big boned pups..... 5 females and 1 male.

We had a Christmas on July social day on the 20th of July. Although we had a smaller than normal turnout, all had a great time with good food and company.

Gippsland branch is having their 20 year anniversary function on the 30th of November at the Princeton for dinner.  Invites will go out shortly to past and present members one the details have been finalized. It will be a fun night had by all.

Until next time....

Carol Batchelor




July 2013


Hello Gippslanders!

It’s been a busy time of the year with many new potential members enquiring about joining our branch, members competing in various fields, and dogs progressing well with their training.

New Members

Welcome to our new members:

Marina Cooper with Tahni

Tanya and David Richards with Dexter


Puppy to Class 1

Anna Tyben and Luka

Congratulations on your fantastic progress!


Gippsland branch members teamed up and entered the East Gippsland Obedience Club’s endurance test on the 6th of July.  Anne and Bella, Wilma and Lucy, Kim and Tia competed and all received their endurance title and will go up on “the wall of fame” in the clubrooms. We also have some members entering in various obedience and rally-o trials gaining some valuable experience and having some fun with their dogs.


A group of members have started tracking training under the guidance of Alan.  Members beginning training are Julie with Cash, Annita with Oskar, Darren with Kirri, Larissa with Bella, Tania with Romy, Anna and Stoney with Luka, Sharyn with Kali, Anne with Bella, Wilma with Lucy, Ray and I with both Indi and Jasper. All dogs involved are doing very well and are progressing evenly as a group.

Other News

Jenny and Barry now have their new puppy, Sheba. Tess loves her new little sister who is a bundle of energy just like herself.  

Jasper had his hips and elbows x-rayed and received a pass for both. Along with the breeder, we are very happy with his scores. We hope to have him breed surveyed when he’s old enough.

Welcome to Dave and Christine’s grand-daughter Kody and Alan and Val’s daughter Claire to show training. So far they have had one class handling various dogs and show great promise. From all reports they loved it and we hope to have them train with us and handle for our members in future.

Thank you to the members for helping in setting up and packing up equipment as well as providing soup and other goodies for the canteen. The branch has been a hive of activity and enthusiasm. Many hands make light work and it is greatly appreciated. It is wonderful to see members attend training even when their dogs are unable to attend with them.

Keep an eye on the website for news and training updates. If you wish to share some news and photos please email them to

Until next time…




June 2013


Hello Gippslanders!

It has been a busy and successful couple of months with great results for Gippsland members!

Kim and Phil Cooper attended the Working Dog Club of Victoria Restricted to Group 5 Tracking trial at the Baillieu Vineyard, Merricks North on the Mornington Peninsula on the 19th of May where Tia received her tracking title. Congratulations to Kim, Phil and Tia!

Dave and Christine are ecstatic to have Kurt WIN stock coat minor puppy dog at the NATIONALS. This was Kurt’s second show and was handled brilliantly by Jurgen. They have done very well with Kurt’s training and development giving bragging rights to Gippsland branch being home of a National class winner!

Seven members attended the State Breed Exhibition with 3 Gippsland dogs entered in the show. Gippsland members went well with Tia winning long stock coat intermediate bitch, Kurt winning stock coat minor puppy dog in his debut show and Jasper coming second in stock coat junior dog.

Sharyn Thompson, Julie Lovell and Lyn McAlpine attended Bairnsdale and District Dog Obedience Club’s Double Obedience and Double Rally Obedience trial with their dogs Kali, Cash and Wolfie where Sharyn and Kali obtained a pass in Rally-O Novice. The following day they attended the Open Obedience and Rally Obedience trial at East Gippsland Dog Obedience Club where Lyn and Wolfie placed second in open, both Julie and Sharyn received a pass in Rall-O Novice with Cash and Kali.

Gill and Ingela Gestrin had Jack (Schaeferhund Jacko AZ) breed surveyed on June 16 after some specialized training with Dave Hynd. Jack was handled by Dave on the day and has been classed by Greg Green as Class 2. Well done guys! They have now gone away for a holiday and will be back in October. Happy travelling!

Gippsland branch received a surprise visit from Jo Morgan and Caddie, Jo was a member of the GSDCV and a local breeder under the prefix of Malachi. She is an experienced instructor and also trains assistance dogs. Jo and her dog Caddie took class 3 and 4 for a training session. The members were impressed with the skills Jo described Caddie had been trained in as her assistance dog. Thanks Jo!


Congratulations for the following pass-ups over the last couple of months.

Puppy to Class 1

Esther Dekkers and Heidi

Brad Hayman and Georgia

Class 1 to Class 2

Darren Walsh and Kirri

Carol Beams and Jasper


Keep an eye on the website for up-to-date branch information and send any photos or news you wish to share to

Until next edition….




April 2013 


Hello Gippslanders!


New Members

The Gippsland branch wishes a warm welcome to our new members:

Michael Kenny and Kara McLauchlan with Rocky

Brad and Allanah Hayman with Georgia

Anna Tyben and Adrian Stone with Luka


We have a few pass-ups since last month’s newsletter:

Puppy to Class 1

Alicia Hart and Sasha

Class 2 to Class 3

Tania Waixel and Romey

Sharyn Thompson and Kali

Myself and Indi

Sophie Rich and Gambler have also passed up from class 2 to 3 as we say farewell to Sophie and Daniel and wish them all the best with their new life in Townsville.


Ray and I entered Jasper in Puppy Class at the 90th GSDCV Champ show where he came 4th and was graded Very Promising being handled by Andrew O’Loughlin. Thanks Andrew!

Other News

The new committee is officially in place with the changes in roles being Ray Batchelor as branch manager, Julie Jordan as assistant branch manager, Wilma Bates as canteen co-ordinator, Paul Wiseman as grounds manager, myself as treasurer and publicity officer.

Congratulations to our GSDCV award recipients Dave Hynd and Paul Wiseman for their 15 years obedience instructor awards, Julie Jordan for her 15 year show instructor award and 15 year committee service award, Annita Reynolds and Lyn McAlpine for their 5 year committee service awards. Julie Jordan and Ch. Bozeeb Mystic Belle have also become “13th Club” recipients.

Gippsland branch received a visit from Lorna Piper from East Gippsland Dog Obedience Club on the 23rd of March. Lorna shared her knowledge as both a participant and a judge introducing our members to Rally-O obedience. Complete with a demonstration of each station by the very obedient Paul, a fun day was had by all and the instructors will be setting up a Rally-O course regularly for members to train with. Thank you for visiting Lorna!

I’d also like to encourage members to send in any news they have or photo’s they wish to share to my email at for inclusion in the newsletter and/or on the website.

Well, that’s all for now, more to come in the next edition….Watch this space!