Snippets November 2013

Hello Gippslanders,

It’s been “all go” at the branch of late. Everbody has been busy with showing and trialling, new member enquiries and lots of puppies at the branch!


The Gippsland branch members and committee would like to welcome our newest financial members….

Lisa and Stewert Hocking with their dog Storm and children Nadine, Lachlan, Thomas and William.

The following partnerships have been passed up this month….

From Class 2 to Class 3

Anna Tyben and Luka

Darren Walsh and Kirri

Carol Batchelor and Jasper

Congratulations to everyone on all the work you’ve put in!

Dave and Christine Hynd attended the GSDCV  Champ Show held at Sunbury on Saturday the 2nd of November with Kurt coming 2nd with a Very Good grading in Junior Dog whilst out of coat under the German judge. Jen Eaton and Barry Donelly also attended with Sheba entered in her first specialty show with a Very Promising grading in Minor Puppy Bitch under the NSW judge. Jen and Barry also went to the WDC Champ show on the 3rd of November also held at Sunbury with Sheba coming 4th with a Very Promising grading under the German judge. Well done guys!

Several members attended the Fun Day held at Eastern branch on Sunday the 10th of Npovember with the following results…..

Liv Frescura and Bella 2nd in Class 3 on 182 points

Alicia Hart and Sasha 4th in Class 2 on 138 points

Sharyn Thompson and Shadow 3rd in LSC Baby Puppy Dog Show

Barry Donelly and Sheba 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch Show

Barry Donelly and Tess 3rd in Open Bitch Show

Sharyn Thompson and Kali 3rd in Class 3 Agility Games

Barry Donelly and Tess 3rd in tunnel 1 Class 3 Games

These members went to the fun day as a team to represent the Gippsland branch. From all reports our dogs were all so well behaved and as reported back to Ray, other branches were very impressed with the standard of training of our dogs in general! A great testiment to both our members and instructors! Marilyn Wrigley was alsoimpressed with our two fantastic aspirers, Anne Lee and Phil Cooper, who assisted with stewarding and judging duties! Well done to all! What fantastic results and feedback we are receiving!

Several members went trialling at Bairnsdale and Morwell on November 9th and 10th of November. At the Bairnsdale and District Dog Obedience Club’s rally and obedience trial, Lyn McAlpine and Wolfie came 3rd in Open whilst Tania Waixel and Romy, Carol Batchelor and Jasper acheived a pass in Rally Novice. At Gippsland Obedience Dog Club’s rally and obedience tiral, Jasper also received his final pass to acheive his Rally Novice title.

Wilma Bates’ Lucy had puppies on the 22nd of October to Orrinshir Elton John. Lucy had 8 puppies in total, 5 girls and 3 boys. Well done Lucy and Wilma! We hope to see some puppies at branch soon…

Julie Jordan’s puppies have now all gone to their new homes. Julie has kept her pick of the litter short coat female, Bozeeb Vanilla Brandy, aka Xena, and Sharyn Thompson has her long coat male, Shadow. Two other female litter mates have also been attending branch on their puppy training certificates so hopefully we will be able to see the majority of this litter blossum in front of our eyes.

Gippsland branch’s Christmas Celebrations will be on Saturday December the 7th at 10am. There will be lots of games with your dogs and branch awards will be given out on this day. This will be the final training of the year as we need to allow our instructors a break to keep the branch atmosphere fired up and motivated. Keep training at home over the holidays and stay in contact particularly if you are having issues.

the Gippsland branch AGM will be held on the 8th of February. We hope to see you all there and increase the number of members on the committee.

I will be publishing any news and results on the website over the holidays, so keep an eye out. Don’t forget to get in contact with me via email at if you have any news ypu would like to share.

Until next time…..

Carol Batchelor