Branch Rules

Please take a moment to view the rules of the branch….

Training fees: Training cost of $3 per lesson. Once you become a member, please place your money in the training tin on the table and mark your attendance in the book provided. For your convenience there is an option to pay your full years training fees in a lump sum and receive a discount on the total cost. Annual payment will be calculated pro rata depending on when you pay.

Canteen: Tea, coffee, soft drink and cake are available in the club rooms for a small fee to maintain supplies.

Footwear: For your safety, we ask that you wear appropriate footwear. Sandals and thongs are not recommended.

Name Tags: We ask all members to please remember to wear their name tags. This helps members to learn every body’s name. If you do not have a current name tag, please see Jen Eaton (Branch Manager) or Ray Batchelor (Membership Officer) for a temporary one and they can chase up a replacement badge for you.

Late Arrival: If you arrive late to training, please approach the instructor prior to joining the class.

Club Rooms: The club rooms are “out of bounds” to our dogs for obvious reasons unless permitted by the instructor.

Socialising: Socialising our dogs is a very important part of training, however exercising caution is necessary. Please seek permission from the owner before approaching another dog.

Dog Waste: If your dog needs to go “potty” please make sure you clean up after them. Please bring some doggy bags to training (there are some available in the club rooms if you have forgotten to bring them).

Dogs and Leads: Dogs are to remain on leads at all times unless authorized by the instructor during training. If you need to leave your dog please ask another member to hold your dog while you are away or place your dog away where he/she will be safe. Dogs are not permitted to be tied up.

Bitches in Season: For obvious reasons, if your female dog is in season, please do no bring her to training. This can create a world of chaos!

Training Equipment: Puppies under 6 months of age are trained with a soft webbing collar and lead. Correction chains are not suitable for young pups. Leads should be no longer than 4 foot. For older dogs, correction chains, halties, or soft collars are okay. The instructors will help steer you in the right direction as to which will be the suitable for your dog.

Committee Meetings: Meetings are held once a month unless otherwise advised. Please feel free to come and see all the work that is put in behind the scenes. Once you have been a member for 3 month you are eligible to be nominated for a committee position. The Gippsland branch AGM is held in February.