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2019 Training Resumes

The Gippsland branch will reopen for training next Saturday 2nd of February. Please make sure your membership has been paid and remember that during the month of February you need to present your dogs vaccination card to the Branch Manager … Read More


THE TECHNO BELLE AWARD “in recognition of dedication to the positive promotion & education of the German Shepherd Dog in the community” After losing their much-loved girl Bella (Steviejosh Techno Belle ET) earlier this year. Anne Lee and Liv Frescura … Read More

Lending a helping paw

The Gippsland Branch of the GSDCV was disappointed to hear of an illegal puppy farm that was operating in our home town and that nearly 40 dogs had to be seized and placed in the care of Animal Aid. Although … Read More

From the Chief

Training Update: Congratulations to the following members for passing up on Saturday; Debbie with Bonnie into class 2; Ina with Stella and Rod with Pepper into class 3 and Daniel with Oden into class 4. Congratulations to our tracking teams … Read More

Pass Ups

A big congratulations to those who have worked hard and achieved a pass up today. Class 1 > Class 2 Deb Cullen with Bonnie   Class 2 > Class 3 Ina Schneider with Stella Rod Spark with Pepper   Class … Read More

Changes To Training

Regular attendees will have noticed some changes to our weekly program. We have added more formal tracking classes which proved very popular. Our dedicated Tracking Instructors will be at the Branch from 8:30am every Saturday to help you with your … Read More

Pass Ups March

Congratulations on passing up Class 1 → Class 2 Karen and Shadow Rodney and Pepper   Class 2 → Class 3 Peter and Max Daniel and Odin   Well done to all